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Did you know there are more than 20 different types of samosas to try????

If you love samosa and you haven’t tried any of them, where are you? Get yourself a samosa treat and give these types of samosa a try.

Samosa is one of the most popular Indian snacks, so it’s not too difficult to find it in India.

But, if you want to shock your tastebuds with a non traditional samosa, you gotta move.

Firstly, google different types of samosa near me and then, run to that food court. Don’t be a couch potato and order it online, unless you actually want to be a potato.

Oops! I am getting off topic! Before you click on that back button, I should just take you deep into different types of samosas available. So, let me take you to the world of samosa with amazing and shocking fillings.

Cheese Samosa

cheese samosa on table.

If you are a cheese lover, this one’s for you. Cheese samosa is one of the craziest samosa out there. It has lots of cheesy goodness along with corn and capsicum.

In addition, there are cottage cheese samosa available as well. They feel so light weight, the filling is flavoured with herbs and green chilli.

Whether you try Mozzarella cheese samosa or a cottage cheese one, you’ll feel heaven.

Chocolate Samosa

Don’t make that face! I was so unsure about trying this one because samosa and chocolate just sound so weird together. But, this is such a delicious and savoury version.

Basically, in chocolate samosa, you’ll find a filling of dark chocolate inside. The outer cover is dusted with powdered sugar and unlike traditional samosa it is baked not fried.

All in all, it tastes like a French dessert and it’s just too hard to resist.

Mushroom Samosa

mushroom samosa in plate with chili.

This is for all the mushroom lovers out there, who love them everywhere. Now, you get them in samosa along with pizza. Let’s partyyy!

Mushroom samosa is very delicate and the texture feels amazing in the mouth. White button mushroom is used in the filling.

Additionally, the filling has onions, chilli, garlic, clove and ginger. This samosa will make your tea time amazing.

Noodle Samosa

noodle samosa on newspaper.

Noodle samosa is for everyone who can’t live without noodles for more than a week. Just imagine a samosa with delicious noodles inside.

Basically, Hakka noodles are used in filling but you can easily find the ones with normal chow mein noodles. Along with noodles, you get finely chopped spices in the filling. Just thinking about it makes me happy.

Egg Samosa

When I first came across this one, I was wrinkling my nose. Seriously, you would want eggs in their samosa.

But, it took just one bite of this eggy goodness to convince me to try another.

Basically, in egg samosa, you get a filling of scrambled eggs with onions, capsicum and chillies. It is really appealing and goes best with tomato sauce.

Keema Samosa

Keema samosa is one of the snacks you must try if you love chicken and mutton. The filling has finely minced meat spiced up with a variety of spices. I will warn you, always order a milkshake with this one, because it’s really spicy.

Moreover, keema samosa comes in vegetarian versions as well. Its filling has finely chopped vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots and many more.

Choole Samosa

Choole samosa is my personal favourite from this list. This samosa varies from others in the list because its filling is the same as the classic samosa.

But, this one is served with choole and is garnished with finely sliced onions. This snack is fulfilling and tastes divine.

Moreover, choole just makes everything better, whether it is puri or samosa.

Pasta Samosa

pasta samosa on tawa.

Hmm… This sounds weird, right? Pasta in a samosa is not the new concept. You can see food bloggers trying it and talking about it on YouTube. But, is it really worth a shot?

Well, yes it is worth it. The filling of pasta goes very well with the outer crust of samosa. You can try it with mayonnaise to enhance its taste.

Mawa Samosa

Mawa samosa is another sweet samosa in this list of different types of samosa. In this variation, the filling is prepared with mawa and dry fruits.

Additionally, it is dipped in sugar syrup to get sweetness all over it. They taste very much like gujiya but are not the same.

There is a variation of this samosa where it is served in sweetened coconut milk. That is just heaven.

Fish Samosa

fish samosa on table.

Want something fishy? Try fish samosa which is served with sliced onions and lemons.

Basically, the filling has poaches fished along with mashed potatoes. It is flavoured with spices and perfectly balanced to give your tastebuds a shock.

Further, you don’t have to worry about finding fish bones inside. Just bite down and enjoy.

So, that’s it about samosa. These different types of samosa are worth a try and I hope you’ll love them.

Further, do let me know if you want to see a list of any other snack or beverage. I will be more than happy to share my knowledge with you.

Finally, you can check out the list of chutney that you can try with your samosas here!

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