6 Different Types Of Indian Chutney To Make Your Snacks More Delicious

different types of indian chutney in cup.

As you know, chutney is a popular Indian dip or condiment that is mouthwatering. Whether it’s breakfast or lunch or dinner, it goes well with every meal.

In essence, it is an essential part of a snack. Without chutney, your snack plate is incomplete. After all, you cannot just eat everything from samosa to dhokla with tomato sauce.

Chutney has been an important part of Indian cuisine since ancient times. People used to make it with mortar and pestle.

Nowadays, we have a mixer and grinder to do that job. The texture of chutney varies with the ingredients used. Some are super thick, while others are watery.

Additionally, seasoning is what makes a chutney delicious. Spices are chili, coriander seeds are commonly used to enhance the taste.

Today, I am sharing a list of 6 chutney that you should try. They will easily go with your meals and snacks.

Coconut chutney

How can we forget this popular chutney which is an essential part of idli. Apart from that it goes well with dosa, vada and chila.

Coconut chutney is prepared with fresh coconut, chilies and coriander. This chutney is coarse in texture. Moreover, it is tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Peanut chutney

Peanut chutney is a substitute for coconut chutney. However, people like me love it more than coconut one.

The taste of roasted peanuts combined with salt, chilli and tempering is just divine. It goes well with dosa, idli and chilla. Apart from that, it is used in gravies to improve the texture.

Onion chutney

Onion chutney is something that goes well with chapati and any stuffed paratha. People who love onions go crazy over it.

Further, the taste of chutney varies with how much you are cooking the onions. Just like many other chutneys it is quite spicy and will fire up your tongue.

However, some people add curd in it to balance its spiciness.

Coriander chutney

Green coriander leaves have such an amazing aroma that people use it in almost every curry. Chutney prepared from leaves is even more tasty.

Coriander leaves, tomatoes, chilli and garlic are grinded in a mixer jar to make this lip smacking dip.

It goes well with samosa, fries and every Indian snack.

Further, people eat it along with their meals including rice and roti.

Garlic chutney

Don’t know about you but I love garlic. I add them in noodles, rice and even in Maggi.

Basically, garlic chutney is popular all over India but in the West side of the country its something they eat on a daily basis.

Garlic combined with ingredients like red chilli, lime juice and amchur powder tastes amazing. This chutney is used in preparation of dishes like undhiyu and is served with pakora and dhokla.

Tomato chutney

This one is for those who love tomatoes everywhere, in the stew, in the curry and in the chutney. Tomato chutney is not simple because it has variety.

Firstly, there is a spicy version which is often served with paratha or chilla.

Secondly, there is a sweet tomato chutney which people prefer with their roti, rice and other foods.

Therefore, you have to decide which one seems appealing to you. However, you can just eat both of them. The sweet one goes best with uttapam.

I hope these chutneys will make your meals look more appealing. Try adding them in your meals and see the magic.

Moreover, you can easily prepare them at home without any issues. If by any chance you have any query, feel free to ask me.

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