5 Indian Meals that are a Must Try (North Indian edition)

Indian meals are not something you can get enough of. The variations that are in India are quite difficult to find in any country.

Afterall, this difference in culture is what makes India a beautiful place.

In India, it is quite normal to eat heavy meals twice or thrice a day. However, Indians do not like to eat the same thing over and over. Therefore, they put lots of effort into bringing variations in their thali.

From east to west, south to north, people eat lots of dishes.

Today, I am sharing Indian meals that are a must try. All of them are quite fulfilling and are an essential part of the meals in North India.

If you ever come to India, do try these amazing meals and enjoy your stay.

Choole Bhature

Choole bhature is my personal favourite and trust me it is too hard to resist. The spicy chickpea curry with fried flat bread is just divine.

Additionally, it is served with fresh onions and lemon juice. Pickles are also present in a typical Choole-bhature thali.

This dish is served in the Northern part of the country but people all over India love it. It is a complete meal but people often eat is as a snack.


chicken biryani

Biryani is a divine rice dish which has tons of flavours in it.

In essence, it is prepared with rice, meat, chicken and some vegetables. It is served hot with raita and salad.

Additionally, you’ll find nuts and whole spices in it. There are so many variations of Biryani available in India. Chicken biryani is one of the most popular ones.

People also love lamb biryani, Hyderabadi biryani and Delhi biryani.

This fulfilling dish will fill your belly as well as heart. The smell of rice with spices is just amazing.

Choole Chawal

choole chawal

Choole chawal is my favourite comfort food, you have to try this. If you haven’t tried this then, you seriously need to take a bite. This Indian food will make it to your favourite lunch meals in no time.

Basically, chickpea curry is served with steaming rice. The curry is spicy and has lots of flavour to go well with plain rice.

Basmati rice is served on the thali and it is often served with salad. I used to eat Choole chawal during my college and I seriously miss it. Maybe I will cook it tonight!

Rajma Chawal

rajma chawal

Rajma chawal is something you’ll find in every Indian restaurant in the North of the country.

The kidney beans are used to prepare the curry which is served with rice. Trust me Rajma chawal is something you can eat any time of the day and your hunger will go miles away.

This fulfilling dish is often served with sliced onions. Before you ask, yes, we Indians love raw onions and it goes with almost every meal.

Aloo Puri

aloo puri

Aloo puri is something I cook at least once every week. Puri is flattened wheat flour dough that is deep fried in oil. It is also known as luchi.

The aloo curry is made with simple spices like cumin, black pepper and chilli but it goes well with puri. ThisĀ  is one of the most common meals that people in the North often eat.

However, this is more like a breakfast or dinner item rather than an Indian lunch. But, it is surely a lunch box meal, I remember my friends bringing it when I was in school.

Moreover, people like to have something sweet like halwa with it as well.

Apart from these above mentioned meals there are other amazing meals to try in India. However, we’ll cover it up in future blogs.

All in all Indian foods are really comforting, whether it’s a thali dish or a street food, it is worth a shot. There are thali available at many Indian restaurants where you get to eat a whole lot of dishes at the same time. Furthermore, there are state-wise Indian thali available so that you can get a taste of flavours from that particular state.

Moreover, you can easily make these meals at home. Afterall, what’s better than trying out something new and delicious?

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