About Us

Hi! We are a team of two who love to learn new things about food and nutrition. We were classmates who turned friends and now we are doing what we love together. In this blog we are going to share many exciting information about food, delicious recipes and so much more. We are still learning and we hope you’ll band with us in this journey. From healthy exotic fruits to mouth watering nutritious dishes, we have got you covered.

Sweta Soni

I am Sweta Soni, I am an avid reader and writing is my hobby. I have done my degree in food technology and I am freelance content writer. I am very conscious about what I eat and exploring the world of food is my favorite hobby. You will find me with a book or a notebook along with a bowl of fruit or a glass of milkshake if you ever got a chance to meet me.

Malaykumar Sojitra

I am Malaykumar, I finished my degree in food technology this year and decided to mix two of my interests together which are my love for food and blogging. I love trying new dishes and you’ll find me in a food court or a restaurant every other day. From pizza to dosa, chocolate chai to kale smoothie, I have tried whatever I can get my hands on.

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