Different Types of Green Tea to Surprise Your Taste Buds

different types of green tea in white colour cups.

Whenever there is a conversation regarding quality teas, green tea always becomes a part of it. Afterall, it’s a beverage many people drink and enjoy.

Don’t you get bored of drinking that same green tea every day? Well, don’t know about you, but I need some variety in everything.

Afterall, there are so many different types of green tree available. Sticking to the same one feels like a punishment to me.

So today, let’s dive deep into the world of green tea and learn some new flavours. Similar to fruit teas, green teas have their own dedicated fan following.

Since green is so beneficial, people have made it a part of their life. Nonetheless, people in Asian countries just love tea in general. Having Asian roots, I know just how important morning tea is among us.

With green tea, people often try to add more nutrients into their diet. It is bestie of all those people who are trying to shed some pounds.

Without any delay, let’s just have a look at different types of green tea:

1. Basil(Tulsi) Green Tea

basil green tea in cup beside basil leaves.

When combined with your favourite green tea, holy basil, also known as Tulsi, creates a wonderful blend of flavour. Along with that, it is among the top healthy beverages.

Additionally, Tulsi green increases immunity, stamina, and reduces stress.

In general, basil green tea is popular in southern Asia where people drink it for medicinal purposes.

Nonetheless, adding basil tea in your routine will really boost your overall health. After brewing, the tea tastes just like a green tea but you can feel notes of tulsi.

2. Jasmine Green Tea

jasmin green tea in cup beside with jasmin white color flowers.

Jasmine green tea, one of the most well-known scented green teas. Essentially, it first gained popularity in 17th-century China during the Qing Dynasty.

Jasmine green tea is a type of flavoured green tea, as opposed to sencha and matcha.

During the oxidation process, green tea leaves are infused with the scent of jasmine flowers.

For most people, having the aroma of jasmine in their beverage is a magical sensation.

Basically, Jasmine green tea has a light, grassy scent and flavour, with a lingering floral note.

Jasmine blossoms are not usually included in the final product, but they are in some cases.

Buy green tea with jasmine blossoms if you want the most floral flavour.

3. Gunpowder Green Tea

gunpowder on the surface.

Gunpowder green tea is a Chinese tea that is made by rolling each leaf into a small pellet.

Basically, it gets its English name from its resemblance to gunpowder grains.

Gunpowder tea is also known as zh chá, which translates to “pearl tea.”

The majority of gunpowder teas are bold, with a slightly smoky flavour and possibly pleasing notes.

4. Longjing (Dragon Well) Green Tea

Longjing green tea in cup.

The most well-known and premium hand-produced green tea from China is Longjing, often known as Dragon Well tea.

It comes from Longjing Village in the province of Zhejiang’s Hangzhou.

Even if the greatest Longjing green tea is quite expensive, it is still possible to acquire outstanding Longjing green tea at reasonable prices.

This tea has a robust body and a smooth, sweet, nutty flavour that contrasts well with its vegetal overtones.

As you sip Longjing, you can detect traces of sweet peas and chestnuts.

5. Mint Green Tea

mint green tea in white color cup.

A unique type of flavouring for green tea is mint. It employs minced mint to bring out the flavour and underlying characteristics of the tea leaves.

This variety of green tea has a pleasant flavour and scent and is revitalising and refreshing.

In general, Tea’s stimulating properties are heightened by the calming and energising effects of the mint.

Mint green tea is without a doubt one of the tastiest teas for summer, especially when served with ice.

If you are a beginner in green teas, just grab this one.

6. Genmaicha Green Tea

Genmaicha Green Tea in black color cup.

Buddhist monks are credited for creating genmaicha years ago.

Basically, when they allegedly combined browned rice from cooking cauldron bottoms with their green tea, it was made.

This robust, full-bodied green tea has a distinctive, toasted flavour from the addition of popped rice kernels to the tea leaves.

Furthermore, Genmaicha will taste great if you like coffee. Those with refined tastes may discover that the toasted flavour of the rice helps temper the tea’s astringent properties.

7. Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Japanese Sencha Green Tea in white color cup.

In Japan, sencha is the most widely consumed green tea, making up around 80% of the country’s total production.

The majority of sencha undergoes quick steaming during processing, giving it a bright yellow colour and flavour.

Moreover, longer-steamed sencha varieties typically have a dark colour and strong, earthy flavours.

In short, it’s a premium flavouring tea from Japan which goes through very little processing.

It has high quantities of antioxidants that guard the body’s cells and tissues from oxidative harm.

The tea is beneficial in preventing cardiac illnesses and regulating blood sugar levels. Additionally, the flavour of sencha can help prevent foul breath.

green tea

After looking at many different types of green tea, it’s normal to get confused. Therefore, I will suggest you to get some samples of the flavours you want to try.

For starters, you can go with Japanese green tea or mint green tea.

The type of green tea that you find appealing might not be a cup of tea for many. So, there is no need to feel bad as it is more about your tastebuds.

In fact, you can visit a tea store and customize the flavours as per your choice. Welcome to the world of green tea and experiment with different flavours.

Many people drink a cup of green tea twice a day while many prefer it once. Do let us know in the comment section, what do you prefer?

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