Types of Momos you Need to Try If You’re a Foodie

different types of momos on black color plate.

Momos are love and I don’t want any argument over this. I still remember the first time when I tried it and fell in love with the flavour.

Essentially, I loved it because of its classic filling. But, soon I tried many different types of momos.

Did you know, just like samosa, momos come in a variety of fillings. If you put aside that afgani and fried momos, there is still so much to try.

Normally, people see momos as a snack but with so many variations, it can be taken as a meal too. During my college days, I skipped my dinners because of momos.

Hopefully, you’ll see them as a snack and won’t make your mummy angry.

Here are the different types of momos, you need to try:

1. Soup Momos

Soup momos are absolutely best for the winter season. Those dumplings submerged in the vegetable broth with good seasoning is just magical.

Trust me, it is the best snack to try on a cold winter evening. If you love soup, then this type of momos is a must try for you.

The vegetables present in soup momos include cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, spring onions and radish.

2. Kothey Momos

Kothey momos are among the newest and tastiest momos.

If you prefer steamed momos and do not want fried momos, you should try the Kothey momos.

Basically, these are pan-fried momos that are good with chilli garlic sauce. Its crunchy exterior leaves you feeling full and satisfied.

To prepare it, you have to do is slowly roast any kind of steamed momo on a pan.

3. Green Momos

Here is a healthy substitute if you want to stop eating unhealthy fast food.

There are new green coloured momos in town that give you the joy of eating momos with spinach as the primary ingredient.

In essence, it has spinach and spices to give amazing flavour. The bright green colours look appealing in itself and will compel you to try one.

4. Butter Chicken Momos

When served hot, butter chicken momos, the enduringly popular Indian style chicken momos, can make any chicken lover drool.

These momos are the ideal party food because they are made with marinated, roasted chicken.

Making chicken momos is necessary before making a buttery tomato puree to produce butter chicken momos.

5. Afgani Momos

You must try these incredibly scrumptious Afghani momos if you wish to eat succulent and delectable momos.

Making these incredible momos is only difficult because you have to take extra steps to grill the momos.

Basically, you must prepare either vegetarian or vegan momos and deep fry them.

After deep frying them, you may grill them in a preheated oven by switching to the grill option.

Next, comes the marinade of Afghani momos, which has curd, cream and lots of spices.

6. Keema Momos

Non-vegetarians who adore mutton will go absolutely crazy about goat minced meat that has been marinated.

The joy experienced when keema is mixed with momos can be exquisite.

In order to serve your loved ones little packets of delight, consider preparing keema momos at home.

Simply cook and mince the mutton, then make momos and stuffing as before.

7. Fish Momos

Among all the types of momos, fish momos are as old as steamed ones.

Fish momos make a delicious starter on a chilly wet evening. Make these flavorful fish momos and invite your friends over for a momo party.

If you love fish, then it won’t be difficult for you to make a delicious filling.

8. Cheese Momos

Fans of cheese, here is something for you.

These authentic cheese dumplings, which are stuffed to the brim with melted mozzarella.

You can experiment with the ingredients when making them at home by including some corn kernels or seasoned mushrooms.

These delicious dumplings are undoubtedly the kind of momos you can’t wait to sample.

So, what are you going to try first? Among all these types of momos, it’s really difficult to choose the best one.

In my suggestion, why don’t you order a mix platter with most varieties? Just go and try them already.

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