5 Tempting Fruit Teas To Try

Fruit tea jar on a tray.

Do you love fruits? I do. What I love most about them is that they can be incorporated into so many recipes. From jam & jellies to shakes & smoothies, they are everywhere. They also provide essential nutrients to our body so why resist them? Today, let’s talk about some fruit teas that you must try if you’re a fruit lover.

Orange Tea

Orange tea in a cup surrounded by lemon and orange slices.

Oranges are something everyone likes, who can resist these orangy-tangy goodness? They are a good source of Vitamin C and promote a good immune system. Orange tea tastes similar to orange juice. It is prepared with orange peel or juice. It tastes sweeter than lemon tea. Iced orange tea is a popular beverage. So, next time when you eat an orange, don’t throw its peel away.

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is not something we can forget when we are talking about tea right? It is refreshing and easy to prepare. Lemon is known for its rich aroma and taste. This beverage helps in digestion, as it helps the kidney and liver to function smoothly. Lemon tea is prepared with water, tea leaves and lemon juice. Sugar or honey is added as sweetener to give it a sweet & sour taste.

Passion Fruit Tea

Passion fruit tea in a jar with glass straw.

Passion fruit tea is a beverage prepared from passion fruit pulp and black tea leaves. Lime juice is also added for extra flavor. Passion fruit has a unique tangy flavor. The fruit is rich in fibers, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. Passion fruit tea also helps in weight loss so, you must try it if you’re on a weight loss journey.

Dragon Fruit Tea

Dragon fruit tea in a juice mug garnished with lemon and mint.

Dragon fruit is known for its vibrant color, it is often referred as strawberry pear. It is low in calories but contains all the essential nutrients. It is rich in Vitamin C and carotenoid thus, it boosts the immune system. Dragon fruit tea is prepared with dragon fruit pulp, lemon and green tea. It gets a vibrant pink color and looks attractive.

Apple Tea

Apple tea in tea pot and two cup.

Apples are not only nutritious but also tasty. They are rich in fibers, vitamin C, copper and potassium. People often eat them sliced or consume their juice. Apple tea is not a very common beverage but it tastes really good and provides benefits. It is prepared from apple peels, apple pulp and tea leaves. Spices like cinnamon, black pepper and cardamom are added to enhance the flavor. If you are a tea lover then, you must try this tea.

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