Healthy Low Calorie Indian Sweets to Try This Diwali

Low Calorie Indian Sweets in the plate.

The word Healthy doesn’t go with sweets, right? Well, you’re not wrong but time is changing and so are we, especially our food.

Few of my friends are really gym freaks and maintain their diets at any cost, even during festivals. Every Diwali they came to my place but I was only able to offer them fruits.

So, this year, I am prepared with a lot of low calorie Indian sweets. Honestly speaking, they might not be super healthy but are better than rasgullas dipped in sugar syrup.

Don’t worry, I am gonna have rasgullas, orange halwa and other sweets. But, my friends will finally have something sweet this Diwali which is low in calories.

Without any delay, let’s dive right into low calorie Indian sweets.

1. Oats Laddu

Oats Laddu in the red color bowl.

There is no Diwali without laddu, won’t you agree? Therefore, the first low-calorie sweet we’ll talk about is oat laddu.

Yep, you heard me right, oats laddu is a thing and they’re super delicious. Oats are healthier than any mawa out there which can give you a pot belly. For the sweetener, instead of sugar, you can use jaggery in it.

Additionally, with coconut and a bit of ghee this will become a new favourite of your Ganesa. You can also check out the recipe for immunity booster laddu, it is super healthy as well.

2. Apple Halwa

Apple Halwa in black color bowl.

Apple halwa is not something super new, it’s just I am too late to try it. You might think, why would anyone do that to an apple.

But, trust me apple halwa is something you’ll crave everyday after getting a taste. To add some crunch, you can add sliced almonds while serving this dish.

This apple halwa’s creamy texture features vanilla and cinnamon flavour undertones. Surprise your guests with this apply goodness this Diwali.

3. Mishti Dahi with Dates

Mishti Dahi

Mishti Dahi is love and we all have a soft corner for this sweet, creamy thing. Therefore, why not make it healthy without so much sugar?

I personally love dates and always experiment with them. After all, dates are healthy and eating them everyday is just amazing.

In misti dahi, in the place of sugar try adding dates. This way it will become healthy and low in sugar.

4. Peanut Barfi

Peanut Barfi in the plate.

Peanut barfi is really nostalgic for me and I don’t know why I never served it to my guests. Typically, milk, khoya, jaggery, and peanuts are used to make a peanut barfi.

It is healthier than many other sweets out there but it will depend on how much you eat.

Do not overdo it, if you are on a strict diet, having a slice or two is totally fine.

5. Oats Pudding

Oats Pudding in the bowl.

Prepare an oat pudding without sugar and top it with sweet fruits. I use dates, berries, strawberries, cherries and apples. You can even make ones with particular fruits such as strawberry oat pudding and cherry oat pudding.

Also, who can say no to banana walnut oat pudding? It’s a classic and super delicious.

Apart from all these sweets, you can be creative and make many other desserts for your guests. Make this Diwali delicious and healthy with low calorie Indian sweets. However, among all the Diwali sweets, kaju katli remains the classic and too hard to resist.

Just like I suggest my friends, I advise you all to drop the diet for Diwali and eat all the sweets.

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