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khichdi in the white color bowl.

Khichdi is a vegetarian dish which is served as a meal in many parts of Asia.

Basically, it is prepared with rice, lentils and some spices. However, people like to add vegetables to make it more filling.

Vegetables like cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes and pea are added in the dish.

Being healthy and nutritious, it makes its way to the diet plan of many people.

Additionally, khichdi is served with pickles, ghee, papad and a variety of stuff. But people like to eat plain as well.

Furthermore, Khichdi made from sago is quite popular and is eaten during festivals by people who don’t eat grains.

The variation of lentils used can bring a difference in the flavour. Some people like to temper it with ghee and red chillies before eating. While others fry it with spices like jeera and asafoetida.

All in all, Khichdi is an easy to make dish that serves great as a meal.

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