10 Minute Recipes With Chocolate l Happy Chocolate Day

Do you love chocolate? What a stupid question, right? Whether you are a child, an adult or an elder, you love it.

However, different people prefer different types of chocolate. Some like milk chocolate while others enjoy dark one.

Today is chocolate day! What can be a better excuse to load up chocolate into your diet than this?

I am here with my favourite 10 Minute chocolate recipes to brighten up your day. Don’t be a lazy couch potato and make them yourself.

Moreover, you can surprise your friends and colleagues with these chocolaty treats as well.

Chocolaty nuts

Chocolate and nuts go well together. You must have tried fruits n nuts chocolate right? The sweet-bitter flavour of chocolate with crunchy nuts is not something to miss out on.

Additionally, they are super easy to make, this is a 5 minute chocolate recipe.

First, you need to melt the chocolate of your choice, I prefer dark chocolates. Then, dip nuts of your choice into the melted chocolate.

Next, take them out and put them on a tray with a baking sheet. Let them cool in the fridge for 15 minutes.

I prefer cashews, almonds and hazelnuts, you can put any of the nuts of your choice.

Finally, get your favourite book and much on these chocolaty nuts while reading.

Chocolate coffee

Before you make that disgusting face, let me tell you about it. This beverage is one of the best things that you can try.

Afterall, it is present on the menu of many popular cafes. Chocolates and coffee are a combo made in heaven, they are soulmates.

For this drink, you just need to add a tablespoon of chocolate powder in your coffee. I will suggest you do it before turning the heat off.

If you add milk in the last in your coffee then, just mix cocoa powder in milk before putting it in the coffee.

Do let me know if this recipe made you high or not!!!!

Chocolaty biscuits

Chocolate in cookies is not something new but the recipe is different for everyone. I always make this chocolaty treat whenever I get night cravings.

Don’t worry I brush my teeth after chomping down this snack.

Just take your favourite cookie and melt some chocolate. Dip your cookie in chocolate and take it out. Let it cool in the freezer for 5 minutes and duh!

Here is the easiest 10 minute chocolate recipe that you will love. I know this recipe sounds crazy but it tastes really good. I prefer using digestive oats cookies for this one.

Chocolate bark

This one is really fun because of the colors you can use. Basically, it looks more like a canvas after it’s ready.

Chocolate bark recipes are really easy. You will need melted white chocolate for this one. After melting chocolate, you will separate them into four different bowls.

Then, add different food colors in them to make colorful melted chocolate.

Next, you just need to spread them on butter paper and let it cool. Don’t forget to twirl the mix to make that marble effect.

Ta da! Here is a very artistic chocolate dessert.

Chocolaty vanilla cake balls

I made them by accident but they turned out so good and many people make them. This is a quick one but super delicious.

Moreover, you can easily serve this one to your guests. They are chocolaty and soft, perfect for any celebration.

First, you need to crumble vanilla cake in a bowl and add in some cocoa powder. Make small balls from the mixture and put them aside.

Next, melt milk chocolate and dip the balls in it. Take out the balls and let them cool. You can sprinkle cocoa powder on the top and enjoy.

I hope you will enjoy your chocolate day with these amazing 10 minutes recipes with chocolate. Do not overeat because there are many recipes I want to share with you all. 

Stay healthy and eat well!

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