5 Hot and Spicy Dishes To Try

Hot and Spicy Dish

Do you love hot and spicy food? If your answer is yes then, you are at the right place. International Hot and spicy food day is celebrated on 16th January. If a day is celebrated for this kind of food then, don’t you think there must be a good fan following for hot and spicy food. Today, on the 16th of January, I am sharing some recipes that will cause explosions on your tongue.

Phaal curry

Phaal curry is a very hot curry. The main ingredients of this curry are chicken, tomato and ginger. It is basically flavoured with chilli peppers along with some other hot chillies such as scotch bonnet or carolina reaper. It is a thick curry and is one of the world’s hottest curry.


Rista is a lamb meatball curry and is cooked in red chilli powder along with some other spices. Fennel is the main spice used to flavor this dish. Traditionally, the meat used is pounded on a wooden surface with a wooden hammer. Rista is served with zeera rice and naan.

Kozhi curry

Kozhi curry is a chicken curry prepared with fresh green chilli peppers and red chilli peppers. This is really spicy and people often serve it with plain rice. It was introduced in India by Jewish people and now, is quite popular.


Vindaloo is a dish from Goa and is one of the hottest curry you will taste in India. It is prepared with pork, Kashmiri chilli, ginger, vinegar and jaggery. In some variations of Vindaloo people use lamb or chicken meat along with potatoes. Basically, most meat lovers like to eat fresh meat dishes but with Vindaloo it’s not the correct way because the longer it is kept, the better it tastes.


Jalfrezi is a curry from Bengal. Main ingredients used to prepare this hot curry are panner, chicken, vegetables and spicy green chilli sauce. Tomatoes and bell peppers are also used to enhance the taste of this delicious curry. Basically, stir-fry technique is used to prepare this curry. It is served with rice and rasgulla.

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