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Dhokla is a dish from the state of Gujarat of India. However, people all over India enjoy it either as a snack or a meal.

In essence, fermented batter is used to prepare this delicacy. It is among one of the favourite breakfast of Indians.

Basically, rice, chickpea, black gram and pigeon pea is mixed together to prepare the batter.

But people make dhokla with semolina as well. The seasoning is what makes dhokla even more delicious.

In short, mustard seeds, asafoetida and chilies are put in hot oil. Then, it is poured over the dish.

Additionally, people serve it with coriander chutney and fried chilies.

Since the batter is steamed to prepare dhokla, it is easy to digest and light weight.

Moreover, there are many variations of dhokla available these days. Some of the popular ones are Cheese dhokla and Rasia dhokla.

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