8 Non-Alcoholic Fruit Beverages You Can Enjoy Without Getting High

nonalcoholic fruit beverages in the glass. Besides the glass orange, basil leaves, lemon, and raspberry

Looking for non-alcoholic fruit beverages that you can enjoy when you don’t want booze is not easy.

Honestly, there are so many of them that choosing them becomes somewhat of a challenge.

Today, I am here with some of my favorite fruit drinks that are free from alcohol.

Also, fruit beverages are thirst quenching and good for health. With the goodness of nutrients and enough water to hydrate your cells, they are amazing.

Personally, I love fruits, and trying new fruit beverages feels amazing. Whenever I am reading a book I always eat a fruit or drink a fruity drink.

By fruit beverages, I don’t mean mocktails only, there are other drinks which has fruits. Here are some of the amazing fruit drinks, you should try:

Fruit soda

Fruit soda is a bubbly treat perfect for summer days. It is refreshing and comes in a variety of flavors.

Recently, I tried ginger-peach soda and it was awesome. If you are not a ginger fan, try dragon fruit or passion fruit soda.

Moreover, if you are a safe player and don’t want a burst of exotic fruits. Then, go for apple soda or grapefruit soda.

What I love more about fruit soda is their colorful packaging. These cans have vibrant packaging representing the fruit flavor.

Fruit slushie

Fruit slushie is the best way to cool yourself off. The amazing part is, that they are super easy to prepare.

If you want to feel winter on your tongue, a slushie is the best.

I always prepare watermelon slushie, feel free to check the recipe.

Apart from that, orange slushie, grapefruit slush, and grape slushie are also easy to prepare.

During summer time do try this fruit beverage to get a chill pill.

Iced Fruit Tea

Everything can fail you but iced fruit tea won’t. They are my favorite non-alcoholic fruit beverage.

From apple tea to orange tea, I have tried everything. Love their taste and like the way they freshen my soul.

Recently, I tried passion fruit iced tea with chia seed and it was amazing. Honestly, if you love fruit, you need to explore the world of iced fruit teas.

Non-alcoholic Mojito

Whenever I am at a party, mojitos are my go-to. The way restaurants present this beverage is commendable.

In fact, the first time I tried mojito was because I saw it on a menu and it looked so good.

You can try blackberry virgin mojito, lychee mojito, and many others. They look like cocktails but have no alcohol.

Also, how can I forget the classic strawberry lime mojito. This one is seriously worth trying.

Next time you visit a restaurant, do try non-alcoholic mojitos.

Fruit lemonade

Lemonade is one of the first drinks that I ever tried. Soon, I explored fruit lemonades.

With time, frozen strawberry lemonade became my favorite. I also like lychee lemonade which is a kind of lip-smacking.

Also, lemonades are easily available at any food court. Additionally, they don’t require a lot of ingredients and juices, so I like them.

I always serve lemonade to my guests during summers and they appreciate this cold beverage. Plain lemonade is also nice but with fruits, it gets better.

Fruit Sparklers

If you want to whip up something really quick with club soda, fruit sparklers are here.

Basically, there are tons of fruit combinations to try. From watermelon-lychee to cherry-cranberry, you can try anything.

Also, in fruit sparklers, there are no real fruits, people basically use fruit syrups.

Moreover, sparklers look so good in crystal clear glasses that they are almost irresistible.

If you don’t have enough fruit to prepare a mojito, you can always make sparklers.

Fruit Punch

How can I forget fruit punch? I think this is the classic non-alcoholic fruit beverage available everywhere.

Mostly, countries have their own recipe of fruit punch that is popular there.

Fruit punch is really fun to make, you can experiment with so many flavors. It takes some time to balance all the flavors but it’s worth it.

If you can’t order a cocktail tonight, do try a fruit punch.

Fruit Milkshake

I can never say no to Mango shake, I love it so much. Just like that, there are many fruits shakes you try instead of alcoholic drinks.

Banana shake is quite popular among gym enthusiasts.

Furthermore, papaya shakes and apple shakes are also very common. Since they are easy to prepare at home, people often prefer them with their breakfast.

For me, milkshakes are more of an evening snack or a midnight treat.

Apart from these, you can try other milk beverages and teas if you are away from alcohol.

All of them are easy to prepare and available at restaurants and bars. These days cafes also serve a variety of drinks including fruit punches and soda.

Additionally, many brands are launching bottled-up fruit mojitos and mocktails. Do give them a try, maybe you’ll find something good.

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