Types Milk Beverages that Exist and are Worth Trying

Trying new drinks is fun, won’t you agree? I am always up for exploring new beverages.

Essentially, there are loads of fruit beverages and drinks. I used to think there were not enough milk beverages.

But, that’s not true! I found and tried so many milk based drinks last year. I was just unaware about their existence.

Today, I am sharing a list of types of milk beverages you need to try. Afterall, milk has its own benefits.

In fact, most people consume milk or milk based beverages once a day.

In Asian countries, milk is an essential part of a meal. Whether they take it with breakfast or have it before bed, Asians don’t say no to it.

Milk Tea

Milk tea is a star beverage with so much fan following.

Basically, it’s a beverage people prefer in order to feel at ease.

Also, adding flavours like cardamom, ginger and cinnamon is becoming a trend. I prefer spicy tea with lots of spices in it.

My parents add jaggery as a sweetener instead of sugar during winter days.

Nonetheless, everyone who drinks milk tea, has their own preference.

Additionally, there are a variety of tea leaves available to choose from.

Milk punch

Milk punch is quite popular among liquor lovers. The preparation is simple, just add liquor, ice, vanilla extract in milk.

Then, shake it well, strain and serve.

Additionally, sugar, nutmeg and other flavorings are also added.

Eggnog is a milk punch which is popular and loved by many people. Irish people have a drink which is similar to Milk punch.

However, they add butter, cinnamon and honey to it as well.

Milk Coffee

The list of milk beverages is incomplete without milk coffee.

Those who want coffee but can’t skip milk, always have it.

Café au lait is one of my favourite milk coffees. Apart from this coffee beverage, there are many others a person can try.

Whether you love cappuccinos or latte, they all are milk based coffee beverages.


Milkshakes are popular all around the globe. This is popular among children and young adults.

But, my grandmother loves it too, so maybe there is no age barrier.

From ice cream shakes or fruit based shakes, there is so much variety available.

Moreover, people customize their recipe as per their preference. Another popular variation of this beverage is feel shake.

Basically, Freak shakes are loaded with desserts like chocolate, donuts and brownies. They are fulfilling, delicious and can cause a sugar rush.

But that’s not an issue, is it? We all love that kinda rush.


This milk beverage is really good for digestion and keeps appetite in check. It is prepared from the liquid left behind after churning the butter out from milk.

In essence, buttermilk has a sour flavour that is appealing. People flavour it with sugar and salt depending on what they want.

Butter milk is often served chilled and is a perfect drink for summers. It is somewhat fulfilling and people in South Asia have it with their meal.

This milk based drink has its own place in the heart of Asians.

Flavoured Milk

Flavored Milk is an easily available drink which is not as thick as full cream milk.

They are available in many flavours like banana, almond, hazelnut, cardamom and many more. I prefer it as my go-to beverage when my breakfast leaves me unsatisfied.

Also, flavored milk comes in packed bottles which means you don’t have to visit a cafe to have it. Just go to a convenience store and grab one on your way to work.

Hopefully, you will try these beverages soon and get a boost of calcium.

Milk drinks are easily available but still if you can’t find it, do check online websites as well.

Feel free to leave any of your queries in the comment section down below.

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