6 Foods for Insomnia to Help you Get Better Snooze

lady is sleeping on bed because of insomnia.

Are you struggling to sleep at night and wake up grumpy in the morning? Well, you are not the only one who spends restless nights.

Essentially, I used to sleep like a baby at night but life happened and took my sleep away!!!

Let’s not get too dramatic here. The thing is I understand the struggles of restless nights.

So today, I am sharing some foods for insomnia to boost your sleep. There is a lot of information regarding how to boost sleep everywhere.

However, it is difficult to reach a reliable source of what can help you sleep better.

At first, I started doing bedtime yoga.

Honestly, that’s really helpful but the issue is, I don’t have enough time to invest every night.

Therefore, I tried some food items and was able to find a list of foods for insomnia. The good thing is they all work and I have tried them.

Without any delay, I am gonna jump right into the list of foods that help you sleep.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea in the cup which is helpful for insomnia.

Among all the foods that make you sleepy, chamomile tea is the best. I know it’s not a food but a beverage but it deserves a place in this list.

This tea is soothing and calming thus, it relaxes you instantly. Along with that the fragrance of this beverage is a real love.

According to research, apigenin present in chamomile tea is responsible for inducing sleepiness.


two slice of kiwi on the surface which is helpful for insomnia.

I love kiwi in general but after knowing its importance for sleep, I love it more.

Numerous vitamins and minerals are present in kiwifruit, but vitamins C and E, potassium, and folate stand out.

In fact, Kiwis have been shown to improve sleep, which is possibly ascribed to serotonin. Therefore, you can try kiwi for sleep.

Maybe, it is what your body needs to kick insomnia out of the system.


almonds helpful for insomnia which is in the carry bag.

For those who suffer from sleeplessness, magnesium is proven to work wonders. Almonds have plenty of magnesium along with many essential nutrients.

Just munching on this can really improve the quality of your sleep.

Apart from almonds, nuts like walnuts are also good for sleep. Try to eat nuts on a daily basis if you really wanna improve your sleep cycle.


milk is helpful for insomnia which is in the glass.

I personally hate milk but milk can actually help you with sleep. Milk is the most easily available item among all the foods to help you sleep.

Basically, Tryptophan, an amino acid that induces sleep, can be found naturally in dairy products.

By increasing melatonin, the hormone that encourages a normal sleep cycle, tryptophan aids with sleep. Additionally, warm milk has traditionally been consumed before bed because it can have a calming effect.


banana is helpful for insomnia.

Bananas are really helpful in inducing sleep. Due to their tryptophan and magnesium content, bananas are also nature’s sedative.

Thus, they can actually help you in preventing the effects of insomnia. Make this a habit to have some banana as dessert or with your dessert after dinner.

Moreover, bananas also contain potassium which have nerve relaxing properties.


Beans is helpful for insomnia.

B vitamins including B6, niacin, and folate, which benefit the brain in a variety of ways, are present in little quantities in beans.

In fact, B vitamins can cure insomnia by reducing stress and anxiety.

Also, beans can also give your body some protein and fibres. Try to incorporate them in your night salads and see the magic.

All of them are foods for insomnia and can assist you in getting good snooze time.

Keep this in mind that what worked out for me, may not work out for you. But, all the foods in the list above are backed by science to help you sleep better.

Therefore, maybe some of them might not work on you instantly but they will show effects.

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