What is Paratha? | Wordology

Paratha on the surface of tawa.

Paratha is a flatbread that is quite popular in South Asian countries. It is prepared from wheat flour dough and ghee/butter.

Basically, this flatbread has layers inside it which makes it different. There are types of paratha: the plain one and the stuffed one.

Moreover, the variations of stuffed paratha are proper breakfast material. Aloo paratha, gobhi paratha and pyaz paneer paratha are the most common ones.

Further, people also make different dough by adding ingredients and spices directly in flour. This paratha has no stuffing but the dough has ingredients which make it delicious.

People serve paratha with pickles, curd, salad and chutney. A big square of butter is always put on the top of stuffed paratha.

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