Tangy Fruits Which are a Must Try

Who doesn’t love a little bit of tanginess? Tangy fruits are great to try when you are craving something lip-puckering sour. There are so many fruits that can give you a super sour experience. They are not only full of tanginess but they are also nutritious. Most of these fruits are used to prepare sour foods like tangy chutney or sauces.

Health Benefits of tangy fruits

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Anti inflammatory properties
  • Boosts immune system
  • Good for skin
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals



Lychee is one of the most delicious fruits you can ever get your hands on. Don’t let its rough exterior fool you. It is sweet, white and juicy from the inside. With the perfect balance of sourness and sweetness, this fruit will lift up your mood for sure. If you can’t get fresh Lychee then, do try Lychee squash or other Lychee drinks. This fruit is popular in China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Brazil, South Africa, the Caribbean, Australia and the southeastern U.S.



Carambola is popularly known as star fruit due to the star shape we get when we cut it. It is native to Indonesia and the Philippines but grown in tropical climates throughout the world. Fruit is bright yellow in color with traces of green. It has a crunchy texture and a tart flavor. The flavor of this fruit is a combination of grape, pear and apple. The crunch and tanginess of this fruit makes it really unique.


Falsa tastes a lot like cranberry or black currant. It is reddish purple to black in color and is often incorporated in desserts and smoothies. Its sour acidic taste will blow your brain. This fruit is rich in antioxidants thus, protects the body from any infections. It is also helpful in anemia as it will boost up your hemoglobin levels. It is also beneficial in cough and other throat infections.


Pomelo is a pale green fruit which has pale yellow or pink flesh inside. In some varieties red flesh is also observed. It tastes similar to grapefruit and is commonly eaten in South and Southeast Asia. This fruit is big, so it may look like a hybrid but it’s a natural fruit. It is often eaten as salad with salt. It is sour and will bring tardiness in your fruit salad.



When we are talking about tangy fruit then, how can we forget Tamarind? It is a sweet tangy fruit which is used to prepare preserves, candies and sauces. The flesh is reddish brown in color and it has glossy brown seeds inside. Tamarind sweet chutney is a major part of South Indian cuisine. Tamarind enhances flavor of almost anything from candies to curries it can be incorporated everywhere.

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