Best 5 Korean Fruits to Must Try

korean fruits

These days Korean brands and people(wink) are so popular among us. Won’t you agree?

Essentially, it all started out as people watching Korean movies or shows. But with time we have accepted their food, clothes, make up and so much more.

Moreover, Korean foods have their own fan following.

Today, I will talk about some amazing Korean fruits that are a must try. If you are planning to visit Korea anytime soon, do try these fruits there.

Additionally, the list here is really short, unlike many others, I am not giving you a whole list of all the fruits available there. I am talking about the best one out of them.

Let’s start this guide of some amazing Korean fruits.

Fuji apple

Fuji apple

It’s a hybrid of two Red Delicious apple kinds from the United States and a Rawls Jannet from Japan, and it’s named after the Japanese town where it was developed. Apples are associated with festivals and celebrations in Korea, which is why they are so pricey.

So, don’t be shy and take a big bite of them with an audible crunch.

Asian pear

Asian pear

The Asian pear, also known as ‘bae’ in Korea, goes by a variety of names, including Japanese pear, Chinese pear, and Korean pear. This crunchy, grainy Korean fruit is a sign of spring and can be eaten raw or with bulgogi.

In Korea, perfect, blemish-free Asian pears are in high demand because they can be offered as gifts. They’re frequently cushioned by a protective foam mesh to prevent bruises and damage that would detract from their worth and make them unappealing to potential buyers.


The first Dekopon, a hybrid between a Kiyomi tangor and a Ponkan mandarin orange, was invented in Japan in 1972 and has since spread throughout the world. They’re easily identified by the unique bump on one end and have a tart mandarin-like flavour, making them one of the most well-known Korean fruits on this list.

Additionally, they are sweeter than a normal orange. Do try this Korean fruit if you love oranges. They are easily available in the Korean market and are one of the affordable fruits available there.



Ripe Persimmons are usually orange, dark brown, or yellow in color. This fruit’s primary flavour is sweetness. It has a flavour that is similar to honey. Fructose, glucose, and sucrose are abundant in this fruit. After 3 to 5 days of storage, it will turn dry. This fruit tastes best when fresh and it will make you fall in love with Korea even more.

Moreover, do you think a persimmon can scare a tiger??? According to Korean folklore, tigers are scared of this fruit. In the old days, people used them to keep tigers away from their homes.

Kyoho grapes

Kyoho grapes

Because of the high sugar content, it has an enticing sweetness. Furthermore, a little sourness will make a lasting imprint on your mind after you’ve eaten it. You’ll fall in love with the juiciness of its flesh right away. This is often served as a dessert and is a luxury fruit from Korea. You can find ASMR artists eating it on their YouTube channel.

The juice is used to make chūhai drinks, and they are traditionally served peeled as a treat.

At the end, we hope you will visit Korea soon to get your hands on these amazing fruits. Do share this knowledge of Korean fruits with your friends or family who are planning to visit Korea.

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