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smoothie in jar with straw.

Smoothie is a thick beverage prepared from fruits or vegetables. Most of the time a liquid base such as milk or juice is used while preparing a smoothie. Puree of fruits or vegetables are used in preparation of this drink and it is done by using a blender. Sweeteners, crushed ice or other flavour ingredients are also used to enhance the flavor of this beverage.

Green smoothie is quite popular among health conscious people, it is prepared with ingredients like spinach, kale, celery, broccoli etc. Protein smoothie is another variation popular among people who workout. It is prepared with ingredients such as banana, peanut butter and protein powder. Other ingredients are added to create variation in flavour. There is no particular time to consume a smoothie but most people prefer to have it in the morning with their breakfast.

You can find some breakfast smoothie recipes here. – Breakfast smoothie

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