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tamarind on the surface.

Tamarind has been used in many ayurvedic recipes since ancient times. Being a sour fruit it’s quite popular among kids and women. The fruit is rich in tartaric acid and B vitamins. Ripe tamarind fruit is considered palatable and is used to prepare sauces, jellies and sweets.

I have observed my grandmother preparing a chutney from unripe mangoes, tamarind and sugar. She used to feed it to me and my sibling during sunstrokes and it does help. Tamarind is something you will find in almost every Indian kitchen. Dishes like sambar, rasam, aam ka murabba can’t be prepared without tamarind. How can we forget tamarind candies, those small balls of heaven! Apart from being lip puckering and extremely sour, they are very useful in home remedies.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon tamarind pulp and 1 teaspoon sugar in a cup of water. Drink it if you’re suffering from constipation.
  • If you’re experiencing a sunstroke, eat jaggery and tamarind. You will feel better in no time.
  • Drink a juice prepared from rock candy (mishri) and tamarind to get rid of heartburn.
  • Putting pulp of ripe tamarind on the sole of the foot helps with sunstroke.
  • Boil tamarind pulp in water and drink after mixing sugar to get rid of constipation.
  • In case of ulcers, drinking tamarind water is very beneficial.
  • Boil tamarind leaves in water, strain the liquid. Add black salt and drink it to get rid of the cough.
  • Juice of tamarind leaves relieves itching.
  • Cook tamarind’s leaves juice with sesame seeds and drop it into your ears to cure ear pain.

Is it safe to eat Tamarind?

Consuming ripe tamarind in normal quantities can be very helpful. But eating unripe tamarind may cause issues like headache as it is extremely sour. Tamarind must not be consumed with milk. It is advised not to take tamarind during fever and cough. Females should not consume it during their menstruation. Eating too much tamarind may cause nosebleeds.

home remedies from tamarind

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